What is Miles for Military?

We are hosting a team at America's Finest City - Half Marathon. An opportunity to challenge yourself mentally and physically. A chance to meet fellow runners, both beginners and competitive athletes.

Most importantly, you will serve as an ambassador for Support the Enlisted Project, supporting young military families in financial crisis, through your fundraising commitment. 

Presented By:

The Flynn Family: Proudly Serving in the US Military Since WWI

Why Run?

Because STEP supports more than 5,000 military and veteran families in Southern California every year. 


Because your commitment to raise a minimum of $500 helps ensure each of STEP's families receive the necessary financial counseling and grants needed for their path toward financial self-sufficiency.


Because our motto is ALWAYS DO THE RIGHT THING.

Benefits of Running

  • Registration Fee for AFC Half Marathon

  • Customer Support Team Leader: someone has to keep you on-track

  • Team Tech Tee: for training and style

  • Monthly Team Trainings: make new friends 

  • Friday Before Race, pasta dinner: gotta carb load

  • Race Day Swag Bag: who doesn't love free stuff?

  • Post Race Celebration: who doesn't need a drink after 13.1 miles

VIP Perks, for fundraisers $1,000+:

  • VIP tour of active US Navy ship: no, you can't drive the ship

Not ready to run 13.1 miles, but still want to support our worthy cause? 

Click below for sponsorship opportunities.

The Flynn family of Newport, RI has served the US military for over a century and half. This service to the Nation in both peace and war includes actions in WWI, WWII, the Korean Conflict and it extends to America's current day struggles in the war on terror.  We have proudly served in multiple formations of the Army and Navy from our most Junior Enlisted to Non-Commissioned Officers, and into the General Officer ranks. We fully understand and appreciate the countless sacrifices and hardships military families endure on behalf of their Service member who honorably preserves our Nation’s freedom.  We stand proudly with the STEP Team at the “Miles for Military Marathon 2018” encouraging our Fellow Americans to support our Soldiers, Sailors, Airmen and Marines and their extraordinary families as they selflessly serve our great country.

Support the Enlisted Project is a 501(c)(3) Nonprofit EIN: 20-3051279 
Address: 9951 Businesspark Ave. Suite A San Diego, CA 92131 * Phone: (858) 695-6810
OR 1631 Sunflower Avenue, Suite C34, Santa Ana, CA 92704 * Phone (714) 444-0075
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