San Diego County Opens New Live Well Center In Escondido

There's a new one-stop shop where the 580,000 Inland North County residents can access a wide array of health and social services.

It's the new Live Well Center in Escondido.

Built in a former supermarket, the center has high ceilings and a lot of natural light.

It has a family resource center for people who need health insurance or food assistance, and child welfare services. It has the region’s first Military and Veterans Resource Center, which houses 14 different organizations.

Nick Macchione, director of the County's Health & Human Services agency, said it represents a new way of doing business.

"So, it’s exciting to me is that this is really the big concept of Live Well San Diego, about health, safety, and thriving, but doing it in one place, with our communities, in a very integrated approach,” Macchione explained.

The center also has four different rooms where community groups can hold meetings.