Financial Freedom Seminars




"My to attend a seminar and found it VERY helpful. I can truly say that the help we received from you and the training my husband got on budgeting through the seminar got us back on our feet."




A family's financial health is part of mission readiness. Pick up the tools to successfully balance your family budget and plan for a healthy financial future at STEP's Financial Freedom Seminars.




Our complimentary Financial Planning Seminars, generously sponsored by Boeing and led by Certified Financial Planners, teach military and veteran families money-saving strategies and techniques to help them get out of debt and reach their financial goals. Participants will enjoy information-loaded seminars with free food, prizes, and most importantly new ways to manage their money!




2017 Topics

January 18 - Year full of Savings! (simple easy ways to save money)

February 22- Make your tax return work for you! (Ways to save/ pay off bills with your return)

March 22- Buy your Dream Car! (car buying, the dos and don’ts)

April 19- VA Home Loans 101

May 17- Saving for the Future (retirement savings)

June 21- Budgeting 101

July TBD- Christmas in July (easy way to stash money for the holidays)

August TBD- FICO and Debt Traps! (learn about credit scores and FICO scores)

September 27- Transitioning out of the military (how to save for the day you leave the military)

October- Saving for your education! (how to use your VA benefits and TA Assistance as well as Grants)

November TBD- VA Home Loans (repeat)

December TBD- Beat the debt! (reducing your debt)