Ice Skating in Point Loma


With the higher cost of living in Southern California, we are aware that families still need to get out of the house and enjoy themselves. So here at STEP, we are always keeping our eyes out for something low cost for our active duty/veteran families to enjoy. Over 70 active duty and veteran families enjoyed skating the day away. We were able to help the average family over $52 dollars!
STEP, along with NBC San Diego and Sentre, presented STEP Military Family Appreciation Ice Skating Day at Liberty Station in Point Loma. This was STEP’s third year of being a part of such a wonderful event for our families and it was a perfect time to do so with children being on winter break and half of the sailors on leave this time of year.
It was great to see all of the little ones skating for the first time. There were some pretty amazing ice skaters there as well putting on a show while the all the beginners sat and watched in awe.